Saturday, October 20, 2012

Todd's Art Factory

As you may notice, the name of my blog is "Todd's Art Factory". This is 50% just coming up with anything that would be slightly more interesting than "Todd's Art Blog". The other 50% stems from a train of thought I had the other day while driving home. I've been asked the question many times before, "what do you plan to do with illustration when you graduate?". I never really know how best to answer that question. However I do genuinely always appreciate a persons interest in me and what my plans are, my thoughts on this question in no way takes away from that. But my thought is this:
Right now in school we're developing our craft (Will Terry Lecture, AWESOME!). I really do believe that is the main purpose of our schooling and it really helps to simplify that fact. Although I feel for me, and possibly others, that the most important and first lesson I have to learn, maybe call it the first step on a long road to becoming an illustrator is to be consistent. There's a lot to being consistent though, it means being dedicated, and hard working. This point is really where my "Todd's Art Factory" stems from. When I think of a factory blasting through product after product, constantly moving forward cranking out the goods. That's the kind of illustrator I want to be, the kind I need to be. I need to be constantly cranking out the artwork, always moving forward and not getting bogged down. And that's what I'll be trying to do with this here blog, i'll use it to motivate me to always be working on something else, blasting out more and more images.
As I learn to become more consistant, my craft will improve. As my craft improves I will see my level of quality and find greater confidence in myself as an artist. That is when I'll be able to look at the world ahead of me and say, "that's what I want to do." Cause think about it, if you had complete confidence that you would be the best guitar player in the world if you just chose that as your career, wouldn't you do that? Of course. 
By that same logic I think that I need to be better prepared with the skill and confidence that I need to be able to choose my future course, otherwise I may narrow down too soon and count myself out of something better. But even though i don't know for sure what I'll do as an illustrator when I finish school, I keep moving forward with consistency and discipline, just crankin out the goods.

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