Friday, October 19, 2012

Hello World,

Today is the day. The day I sit at my desk and act like I'm working when I'm really setting up a personal art blog. It's about time. I'm currently debating in my mind whether or not I really care to do any kind of bio. I figure it's an art blog so i should probably just start by posting some art. Here's something I worked on last night. I came home last night after receiving some quality advice from a friend Adam Munoa, I know he has a blog as well, i'll try posting a link if I can figure it out. He told me how not to worry about keeping separate layers in photoshop. Just commit to your artwork and flatten the layers and work with it as if it were an actual oil painting. I tried it and it became surprisingly natural to use in that way. I've worked for a while with oils, I'm nowhere near good, but I'd say moderately familiar. Also Adam pointed out a youtube video of Jason Seiler doing a painting of Tim Burton, I watched how he worked and was surprised to see how closely he worked from his reference even when creating characatures. So I put some of these ideas to action and did a quick painting of Jim Gaffigan. While doing it I was telling my self to save out copies of my progress so that I could show the various stages but I didn't and now I'm kicking myself. But don't fear, I'll be doing this again for sure and next time I'll save out the process so that I can post the indivual stages.

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