Friday, October 19, 2012

Here is a scene that I did from the Christmas Carol. Ebenezer is taken by the ghost of christmas yet to come to a couple places that only imply Ebenezer's eventual death. Ebenezer pleads with the spectre to tell him who the man is that was dead and that the people held little regard for. They had ransacked his home and sold off his belongings. Finally the ghost takes him to a lonely grave stone where he reluctantly looks to see his own name. 
I believe in Ebenzer Scrooge's story this is a significant turning point, until now Ebenezer was in a kind of denial about who he had become. It wasn't until this point that he declared his promise to change and "honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." This was the point of his full realization, his complete acceptance of guilt and true sorrow, this was his point of redemption.

With this in mind and with the help of my instructor Howard Fullmer, I chose to have Ebenzer falling to his knees, resting his weight on the headstone. In my mind this is not the Scrooge from before that would have looked away or even ran from this fate. This was a broken Ebenezer that had accepted who he had become and in this moment would resolve to change.

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