Saturday, October 20, 2012

Here is something I'm currently working on. I'll post the final as soon as I'm done. I've had a lot of fun lately working on some caricatures. I've been watching some Jason Seiler videos and that's probably where I've been inspired to do them lately. What i've been doing is creating a sketch in photoshop just using grey tones. After I sketch it out I'll start putting in mid tones and highlights. After that I'll go back over everything and refine it, i'll bounce back and forth between the regular brush and the mix brush. I will also go back and forth between a soft rounded brush and a textured brush usually when I use the mix brush I'll use a texture. This is the stage I'm in right now, just refining. After that I'll create a layer on top, set it to multiply then lay in some color over the tones. It's fun making decisions about what I'll exaggerate, but that can also be the hard part. I've found it's especially difficult for me with drawing women. Men have much hard angles that are easier to exaggerate, while with women I want to try to keep the lines soft and curvy but it's just tough. After looking at my Channing picture I'm noticing that the right side of the jaw line droops too much.

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