Friday, March 1, 2013

Roy's Barber Shop

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted. This semester has been pretty busy. This drawing is actually not part of an assignment. I just kind of needed a break from the stuff I've been doing for classes. 
I feel like I've been drawing more this semester than I have my whole life. I've noticed that ideas are coming a lot easier and I'm learning a lot more as well, and I feel like that has a lot to do with the fact that I'm drawing more. I believe our minds are like sponges  We absorb information like water. Some of us are like sponges just sitting under running water. When a sponge just sits under running water it stops absorbing, it fills up and the water just starts to run off of it. I feel like your creativity juices really start to flow when you are regularly wringing out the sponge. Drawing is like wringing out the sponge. Or writing, or sculpting, or building, or doing anything that is creative. When you wring out the sponge it suddenly becomes absorbant again and can fill with fresh water, or in the case of our minds we fill up with new and fresh ideas. It's been really fun.
I'm calling this Roy's Barber Shop. When I was a kid growing up in Highland Utah. There was an old barber shop in American Fork called, "Roy's Barber Shop". My dad would take my brother and I there some saturdays to get our hair cut. Roy was an old guy that didn't take requests on hair style, high and tight was the way he cut hair, period. When he was done he would pull out this long vacum hose that was suspended from the ceiling and he would clean you off by vacuuming all the hair off of you. Today Roy's Barber Shop is a tattoo shop, and I've cut my own hair for the past 10 years, but if I find another place like Roy's I'll get my hair cut there for sure. I need to add some letter's on to the window glass that says "Roy's Barber Shop"


  1. "High and tight was the way he cut hair, period" cracked us up. There is a lot of personality in this piece, it's fun to look at. Thanks for sharing.
    - Rob and Jill Tobler

  2. This is great. It's cool to see you do something that's not an assignment. For some reason I like the way the black and white sketch leans a little. Gives it a bit more character than a perfectly straight building.

    1. That's funny I feel the same way about the sketch. After doing this I decided I would do another picture of buildings that wasn't as straight. That one ended up being an assignment. It's the gallery stroll one that I posted later on.