Saturday, September 27, 2014


So the new fall semester has begun and I've enrolled in a digital painting class taught by Jim Madsen. It's been really great so far. We're cranking out one digital painting per week. It's hard to keep up but it's a great way to increase my efficiency in painting.  This weeks subject word was Novelty, based on the "illustration friday" webpage. So novelty... hmm. Anything new and unique right? Well the first thing that came to my mind was novelty gift stores, that sell gag gifts and trick toys. But then I thought, why not one of those creepy trench coat street vendors? So that's what I did. Jim instructed us this week to choose an illustrator that we really admire and mimic their style with this next piece. Lately I've really like Denis Zilber. He's a great digital painter with great character designs and great story telling. So I chose a painting of his to choose my color palet and worked from that. I've created a thumbnail page that shows my progress on this piece. You can see each of the different steps that I take in completing this.

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