Monday, January 28, 2013

My Friend Mark

I loved doing this drawing of one of my best friends Mark Cagle. His wife Jess saw that I was doing drawings for anyone who sent me a picture. So she actually texted this picture to me one morning and I had to draw it right away. Mark literally is the craziest guy I know. He was my manager at P.F Changs, where I served tables for five years. When he gets excited and hyper, he just bounces off the walls. He was so fun to work with and one of the only reasons why I would consider ever going back to serving tables. So thank you so much Jess for sending me this awesome picture. And thank you to everyone else that has sent me pictures. I haven't gotten around to doing sketches of each of them, but I've loved the creative boost, and still look forward to getting them done and posted. 
This semester has been super busy so far. A lot of work. I've been hoping that the work load will simmer down a bit. That is until today when I realized I really shouldn't be hoping for less work, I should hope that I'll get better and better and more up to the task of producing larger amounts of quality artwork. I really look forward to the end of the semester, not because it will be a nice break but because i know by then I'll be that much better and that much more capable of stepping into the commercial world of illustration.

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