Friday, March 29, 2013

Abominable Snowman

About a month ago we got an assignment to try to create an illustration using only simple shapes. Our instructor, Will Terry (children's book illustrator) required us to use only circles and strait edges. Using only those tools we had to create shapes that would illustrate the answer to the question, "why is the abominable snowman so grumpy?" One of my favorite techniques that was developed in the assignment was to create a texture brush that is made out of just noise. The texture feels a lot like an airbrush. In the end I found that by using simple shapes and not including a lot of unnecessary details I was able to create a much stronger emphasis on the story that was happening. There's nothing to distract or take away from the message that I was attempting to illustrate. This assignment was really fun and very helpful. 
There's some truth to the thought that artists insert themselves into their artwork, sometimes subconsciously. As I said before we were asked to merely explain why the snow man was grumpy, I chose to put him on a weight scale. I think this is because I did this assignment during the month of february when I was still suffering the regret of holiday and winter "comfort eating". I don't know why, I just crave really bad foods during the winter. So usually I put on a little extra weight and it always gets a little frustrating come february. I can only imagine how the Abominable Snowman feels.

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