Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dare Devils

Every now and then there's a painting that is a milestone painting. This isn't a huge milestone but a little one. As an artist I have to learn to be patient and spend more time on refining my artwork. It's typical that I spend about 7 to maybe 10 hours on an art piece. This piece was something that I did for myself though, I wasn't on any kind of deadline. So throughout this semester I've just worked on it a little bit here and there. In total I think I've spent about 20 hours on this. You may wonder "how did that take 20 hours?" But it really did. I spent a lot of time making clean edges and soft rounded curves. It's the time and patience that this painting required that I feel like is the milestone for me. Eventually I'll learn to always dedicate that level of time and attention to my artwork, and as I get better I'll be able to accomplish more in that space of time.
As a kid I used to pride myself for being a "Dare Devil".  Not so much anymore, I guess I got it all out of my system. But I was a short kid growing up so maybe I felt like if I was daring enough to do stuff that even the big kids wouldn't do, than that made up for my shortness. I really enjoyed painting this. As I worked on it I remembered how much fun I had as a kid. I loved growing up, especially in the time that I did. I was born in 1985 so most of my memories took place in the 90's. I loved the 90's, it was like a second "Golden Age". Think about it, the cold war ended in the late 80's. The internet was created, the economy was booming. And some of the best music and movies came out during the 90's. I created a 90's alternative rock pandora station and I've just been listening to it everyday as I think back on how great it was to grow up in that time.