Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Here is my latest artwork. I'm attempting to depict "Gluttony" in all it's forms. I chose to use a burger to depict this concept because burgers are something that i'm habitually gluttonous over. But there's things that we tend to be gluttonous over that aren't even food. Sometimes we overly consume television or video games. There's a lot of us that may be addicted to some of these things, such as cigarettes, gossip magazines, or even Facebook. Sometimes these things just look so delicious it's impossible to resist. I had a lot of fun creating this drawing. As gross at it may appear, I still became hungry for a big juicy burger every time I sat down to work on this.
I sketched out this drawing very thoroughly, I rendered out every detail. Then I scanned it in and laid color over the sketch. I did spend some time going in and working out some further details after that, but I really spent the majority of the time just working on the sketch. I've found that the more you figure out in the sketch phase the easier it becomes to render the color and reach a nice finish.