Friday, July 12, 2013

Old Sketch, New Project

I'm getting excited for the new semester to start. I really enjoy the Illustration program that I'm in at Utah Valley University. There are so many talented artists in the program, both teachers and students. I miss them and I've missed always having 4 or 5 projects that I have to finish in 24 hours. So to get my digital painting juices flowing again I decided to do something for fun. I was going through some of my old sketches and I found an old one that I did of a cool little volkswagen rabbit. So I decided to finish it digitally and create a little scene for it. I had a lot of fun doing this and it felt good to get back into doing some illustrations. 

I plan on finishing a couple more pieces before the semester starts. One that i'm excited to do here soon is based on an old sketch I did of super heros that kind of let themselves go. You know if they just got old and fat, what would they look like type of thing. My friend Brett Olsen reminded me of it a few weeks ago and encouraged me to do something with it. So I'll make sure to post that soon. 
My friend Brett is always reminding me of stuff that I did years ago and I can't even remember. I don't know why I forget so many things, but I think I'm gonna have to ask him to write my memoirs since I'm pretty sure he could recollect my life better than I can.

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