Monday, July 8, 2013

Utah Landscape

So I've been what you may call "missing in action" lately. Between semesters I tend to take a break from painting and drawing and engage in some of my other artistic pursuits. For instance I truly enjoy photography. This summer I took a trip to Hong Kong and unfortunately did not bring my camera. There were some great photo opportunities that I really regret missing. However, one thing I will say about having gone to China is that I appreciate so much the incredible beauty of the American West. I really feel inspired every time I leave my home of Utah. I start to realize all the things that I love so much about it. I love the dry, crunchy texture of the landscape. I actually used to hate it. I wanted to move somewhere green and full of trees. Then I lived in Ohio for two years and l missed the sterile desert and flat open views. When I say flat, I mean flat from trees. In Ohio there is a constant 50 foot wall of trees that blocks your view. I love being able to see the distance, it helps me to breath. 

These photographs that I've taken demonstrate these things that I love when I'm home and long for when I'm gone. Deep crisp textures, warn washed out colors, and wide open space.

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