Friday, December 20, 2013

Fall Semester

The ship was tossed about as the crew fought hard against the crashing waves. “Land! I see land,” yelled Peter from the crows nest.

“What a beautiful Island”, said Paula. “There’s plenty of food and lots of trees to build a shelter”, said Dexter. “Let’s get to work”, said Peter.

“I never want to leave!”, said Dexter. “Delicious”, said Paula. “Please pass the fruit salad”, said Peter. As the crew enjoyed their feast they laughed into the evening as a cool breeze blew across the island.

These three pieces were done for my Children's Book Illustration class taught by Will Terry. He's an incredible instructor and I encourage anyone who is considering doing anything in Illustration to learn from him first. He teaches online classes or has instructional youtube videos that you can find through his blog. Or you can join me at UVU and take classes from Will there.

Last fall, of 2012, I chose to go back to school and finish a degree in Illustration. The year previous to that decision I worked full time as an in-house graphic designer for a company in Provo called Rimports (they make candle warmers). I still work there part time and I'm very grateful for that job. It's a growing company and there has been lots of room for growth and promotion even in just the past two and half years I've worked there. The reason I tell you this is because there has been a battle in my mind over my dedication toward finishing school or seizing the available career opportunities at my current job. I have turned down promotional opportunities for the sake of staying in school and finishing my degree. Each time that a semester ends and a new one begins I feel tempted to say, "I've learned enough and I can move on at this point." 
HOWEVER, at the end of each semester I look over the work that I've accomplished and everything that I've learned and I know that my dedication to staying in school and finishing is paying off. I'm at the point where I'm excited to see what I can accomplish next semester. My work is far beyond perfect, but it's getting better.

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