Friday, November 2, 2012

Sketchbook Friday

Here's a current sketch I've been working on. It was just a sketch I was doing during my lecture class and I decided today to scan it in and start working on it a bit more. Yesterday at my illustration club meeting we had a cool demonstration from our club president Adam Munoa, he showed us some of the ways that he did things. One thing that i learned that was new was that in photoshop you have the ability to set your brush mode to be effected by your pen pressure. So if you push harder more paint will go down or if you want to push lightly you can do that too, and you don't have to keep messing around with your opacity. Anyways, it's always nice to learn something new that makes your process a little bit easier. This digital painting is still in progress but I'm done for the day so I thought I'd just post my progress.

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