Sunday, November 4, 2012

"It's A Wonderful Life" progress

Here's a new project I'm working on. I've really loved Art Nouveau (Nu-Vo) for some time now. Any time someone says Art Nouveau, most people think Mucha. He's freaking amazing. I love his style, it's the perfect blend of the feminine with the masculine which makes his artwork the most romantic of any other style in my book. I've been doing a lot of sketching lately and I've really wanted to get a more finished piece done. So with Christmas coming up I've decided to do a digital painting in the Art Nouveau style depicting the story of the best movie ever made. "It's a wonderful life". I could seriously go on and on about that movie, I wont thought. I'll just say that story belongs in the bible. I've put together a little collage showing my process in creating this image as far as it is. I started by choosing a painting by Mucha that I really liked the color pallet. I pulled some of those colors out and created a color pallet that I could paint from. I also took some ideas about the architectural frame work that wraps the image. I then got to work on the painting and the frame, then put the two together. I also added a little bridge at the bottom. If you remember the story that was an important turning point for George Bailey. I also placed a moon behind George and Mary, a symbol of the familiar phrase "dance by the light of the moon" which they sing to each other. I think it's coming together nicely. I'll be adding some other characters to the 5 spheres that surround them. Probably Clarence, Mr. Potter, george's uncle Bill Bailey, and his little brother whom he saves from falling through the ice as a kid.